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Re: Heater Blower Motor- '90 CQ, WTB Bently

Happy New Year!  Well, driving home from S. Jersey today, this whinning
noise(more like finger nails on chalk board) came on as I turned on the
climate control.  The noise went away when I turned the heat off.  I usually
hate heat but today was just too cold.  Anyway, my guess is the heater
blower motor is gone. Please correct me if I am wrong!  My questions is do I
need a new blower or rebuild?  How much does it cost?  Can I fix the current

Had similar noises coming from my 88 80q.  It was intermittent
at first, but gradually got worse.  Dealer quoted me $175 so I
just pulled a used one from 93 90s at a local yard for $25.

I replaced it myself and if I can do it I figure a monkey could
do it too.  It took about 40 minutes.  The hardest part was taking
out the old motor.  Putting in the new one was fairly simple.
You'll need a small 3 inch Phillips screw driver to get at some
of screws.

88 80q