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Re: Oil Filters

Hairy green toads from Mars made DOUBLDz@aol.com say:

> I like to change the oil once in between the regularly scheduled Audi
> services. (That makes it about @ 35K miles). The Audi dealership near me
> charges $75 for an oil change, my local mechanic $25. Not too long ago I
> remember reading that many of you seem to place much stock in using a Bosch?
> oil filter and I am quite certain my mechanic is not putting in one of these
> for $25. I would like bring him one when I take Baby in for an oil change.
> Where might I get the best price on these? I don't mind buying more than one
> at a time.

Not Bosch, but Mann or Mahle.

Which filter do you use? The '95 A6 had a running model year change
to a new filter that is much bigger and more $$$.

Can you get your engine code off of the data sticker (either in your
owners manual or in the trunk).


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