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odor of burning rubber

The other day (-15 to -20F), I cruised briefly through a  bit of 6 to 8"
snow on our back roads and later on drove into town. On the way back, I
noticed  a faint odor of burning rubber when the car was driven slowly or
stopped. Back home, I lifted the hood but the smell did not seem to
originate near the engine, and I couldn't detect any obvious source--all
drive belts seemed tight, etc. Yesterday I noticed the smell again as I
drove very slowly. The odor seems to disappear when the car is stationary
(engine running). The e-brake is free, and I can't feel any heat from the
wheels, so a dragging brake doesn't seem to be the cause.

I suspect something related to exhaust, CV boots, etc.--possibly caused by
driving through the deep snow? It's 10F right now and I'll need to be
laying on snow and ice to investigate, so any suggestions on where to look
would be appreciated.

'91 200q

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