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Compmotive and P-ZERO Assymetrico's, and Big Brakes Experiences

Well I am going ahead and ordering a set of 16" Compmotive MO's for my '84 Ur-
q.  I'm going with 16"X8" with an ET of 24.  I have also decided that I think
I am going with Perrelli P-ZERO Assymetrico's in 225/45/16.  Would love to
hear some feed back of any experiences with both of above, and since I have
sold one of my boats I think I might look at big brakes for the Ur-q and I
have a few questions.  What is the best way to go.  Will "Big Reds" work with
16" wheels?  Compmotive says that there wheels are designed with large brake
clearances in mind.  Now I don't know what that means but maybe some of you
out there can enlighten me.  What other systems have people used.  The car is
most of the time not a daily driver (except for the last three months while I
try to fit doing the clutch on my '87 5Ktq into my shedule)  so rebuilding
calipers is something I can do.  Sorry for the wide range of questions but I
am looking forward to spending somemore quality time with my cars since I will
not be spending every weekend racing my boat.

Jim Hahn
'84 Ur-q
'87 5Ktq