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Re: wishbone pivot bushes

Dan Simoes <dans@ans.net> wrote:
> > > The best way is to have them pressed out/in with a hydraulic 
> > > press.  Some people like to cut them inside and fold them 
> > > in, which allows you to easily pop them out.  Personally,
> > > I just drop the arms and bring them to a local machine
> > > shop.
> > 
> > Don't forget to put the car on the ground before you tighten 
> > the bolts!
> Why?  They will get torqued to the same number whether weight
> is on them or not.  I don't follow your logic here. 
> I've done this to two different cars, no problem.

As someone else posted later in the same digest as the original question, 
you should only tighten the control arm bushings with the control arm in the 
"at rest" position.  Either on the ground or with both front wheels supporting 
the car (or I suppose with just the one wheel jacked up, and the sway bar 
disconnected, but why).

The reason for this is that the center tube in the control arm bushing, once 
tightened, is static with the subframe.  The bushings do not rotate around the 
bolt, they flex.  (and the control arms certainly don't rotate around the 

Unlike Delrin or urethane bushings, where the bushing actually does rotate 
around the mounting bolt (and the sides/flat surfaces are in friction contact 
with the inner walls of the subframe). 

Since the stock bushings are molded rubber, in a metal sleeve, with a metal 
sleeve molded in them, there is no play, except for the natural twist of the 
rubber.  You want them to be in the center of their travel, when the suspension 
is in the center of it's travel.

I have come to the conclusion that my first set of front C-GT bushings were 
incredibly short-lived due to my not knowing about the requirement to tighten 
them in the at-rest position.  I was completely confused and disgusted that my 
bushings were in need of replacement in less than a few months.  I think this 
was the reason.

I coulda swore this was one of those "things" that us q-listers knew.  I don't 
know if it's in the Bentley, but I imagine it is (or should be).