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Re: [OT] Pioneer stereo question

Bob <mx@snet.net> wrote:

>> Your friend should read the manual (or stop believing everything salesmen
>> tell him) ;-) .
>> He has RDS EON (Radio Data System/Enhanced Other Networks). A common system
>> here in Europe, that helps your stereo keep its station when travelling
>> across the country, enables you to select stations based on the properties
>> (e.g. MOR music, news, discussion...) and displays the station name on the
>> head unit's display. Here in Holland, it's also used for displaying
>> irritating commercial messages (I don't need reminders that the new Opel
>> turbodiesel is out when I'm driving my Audi!).
>Its nothing more than a database built into the head unit. On my Alpine
>its Called ID Logic, and I can put in what state and city Im in and then
>choose to listen to whatever kind of music I want. I beleive the
>Database can be updated fairly easily too,  but Ive never done it.

Yup. Simple signals sent along with the radio transmission, decoder in the
head unit. My manuals say nothing about updating, though- this feature
might not work with RDS/EON.

It does look cool to have the station name on your display instead of just
the frequency, though. Here in Holland, when you tune in to a PBS station,
you can even see which public broadcasting corp is on at the moment (e.g
'3FM VPRO', where '3FM' stands for the radio station, and 'VPRO' for the
broadcasting corp).