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Re: wishbone pivot bushes

In message <3690CC14.49791B46@snet.net> Bob writes:

>> Well, the *theory* I suppose is that the bushings will get tightened in
>> at their "rest" position or something.  I dunno, I tightened mine in the
>> air (ever try to get under there on the ground with lowering springs?!),
>> they must be able to turn a little to where they want to be after you
>> lower the car anyway.  Well, the older style with no metal sleeves
>> anyway.

> I dont think I would put the car on the ground without them being
> tightened! Im not sure the bonding of the center metal tube to the
> rubber has anything to do with the health of the bushing.
> Bob

Fahrwerk Allradantrieb, Ausgabe 07.87.  Mikrofiche D 000.5147.30.00

Frame 40-18

      "... zum Festziehen Fahrzeug auf die Raeder stellen."

Quite clear.  The weight of the vehicle must be carried by the wheels
when the self-locking nuts are tightened.  Logical, too.

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