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Re: Programmable intermittent relay: summary

A couple of other datapoints:
The 1HM 955 531 A and 1HM 955 531 B are no longer in production--if
anyone finds them at a dealer, buy two and I'll pay you for one!  :)
The 3B0 955 531 part is listed as a CONTROLUNT, costs twice as much as
the other two, and has too many pins--one extra small pin that means it
won't plug into my '93 90CS.  Careful!

Chris Newbold wrote:
> Thanks to all those who responded. I think I've managed to piece together
> a picture of the situation...
> There are several part numbers floating around: 3BO 955 531 and
> 1HM 955 531 [A|B|C]. According to my local VW/Audi parts guy, 1HM 955 531 A
> and B supersede to the 3B0 955 531, while 1HM 955 531 C is "unrelated".
> The former list as an "ECM for variable intermittent wipers" while
> the latter is just a plain relay.
> To further complicate matters, there is an after market part which goes
> by either 1HM 955 531 A or B, made by a German company called KAE. These
> parts, with a stamped manufacture date of 3-6-96, all appear to be
> defective. Printing stamped on them clearly claims they are variable, but
> no one I've talked to ever had one work.
> Someone also pointed me to a Bosch part number, 0 986 335 058, which should
> work.
> So, be careful out there... Looks like to be safe you should buy either
> the 3B0... or the 1HM ... A part, and buy either from a dealer or a place
> that will get you an OEM part, not a imitation.
> -Chris
> 1993 90CS 5spd 72k miles