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Re: A4 sport suspension retrofitted!

I agree.  I had a loaner A4 with auto and non-sport and non-quattro package,
just wasn't the same car as mine with sport and quattro.  Makes a WORLD of

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Date: Monday, January 04, 1999 12:59 PM
Subject: A4 sport suspension retrofitted!

>Well, last night at 3:15am, we finally finished installing the OEM Sport
>suspension in my non-sport A4.  All that it took was 4 Audi fans, 7 hours,
>beers, 2 pizzas, 2 pints of blood, 2 broken craftsman tools, one stripped
>strut and one $500 set of the A4 factory repair manuals.
>Eric Fluhr, and his Dad (Bill) and little brother (Ken), all helped me, or
>should I say I helped them; they did most of the work.  We did the project
>over at his Dad's new house with the 3 bay garage, the 3rd bay being
>solely to Audi work.  This was a really hard install, and they only way we
>could have done this was with the help of the A4 Factory Repair Manual that
>Eric and his brother bought for their dad, who owns an A4.  I could not
>gotten past getting the wheels off since that suspension is so complicated
>the A4, and Eric took over at that point.  Between all of his family, I owe
>them about 20 hours of labor on the install.
>Now, as for the results....wow!  Now my car feels 100% better, the OEM
>springs and struts are just perfect for me, not too hard, not too soft.  I
>could tell right away that this was worth the effort and money, the car
>so much better (and looks better now that it is lower).  So, my advice to
>all, if you are getting an A4, save yourself the hassle and order the sport
>option.  Or find yourselves some friends like the Fluhrs.
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