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1990 200tqw (10v) Front end

I have a noise in the front end (ie fire wall forward) of my car.  It
appeared after I had a loud wheel bearing changed.  I assumed it to be the
other wheel bearing and I changed it.  The noise persists.  The noise is
hard to characterize.  It occurrs every time the car is driven.  However, at
slow speeds, the noise is intermittent, but it does have a rotational
frequency. At high speeds it is a continuous drone.  It does not become more
or less pronounced when going around a corner.  As it does not appear to be
the CV joints, other theories(unproven) are bearings in the transaxle or the
pinion gear in the transmission.  I am interested in any opinions on this
problem and the implications of the transmision related problems.

Ron Frazier
1993 100csqw
1990 200tqw