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RE: 90 AMP to 115 AMP Alternator Upgrade

That is normal Mark, if you want to do better, get a smaller pulley for the
alternator, 87 and up cars had it. The smaller pulley allows the alt. to run
faster at idle.
The conversion is a bit of an involved task, not a direct bolt-on, I think
Dewitt from CO. did it.

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Hi All:

Anybody upgrade their alternator to a 115 AMP.  Leastways that's what
I think the high output generates.  This is for an '86 5KCSTQ.  With
everything running (rear window defrost, blower on high, headlights,
etc.) I only read about 12 volts, sometimes less.  Running down the
road I get 13+ volts.

Any thoughts or BTDTs appreciated.


Mark Pollan, '86 5KCSTQ 274K Miles