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Re: Check engine lights on

Hairy green toads from Mars made Neil Swanson say:

> Well namely those with late model cars.  There are enough here on the list
> that I'm kind of surprised we don't see more posts about the lights coming
> on.
> We get many calls everyday about "my light came on, when can I come in". 
> Some are as simple as the gas cap is loose or missing.  Many bring up O2
> sensor codes and get a new sensor or 4!.  Many more bring up "random
> misfires" as the 1551 will say.
> Now the misfires are often or always on start up, a cold start up.  And it
> is common on 2.8s (30vs more common) and 1.8t's to start rough after
> sitting for a few days and then trip the light.  This cold weather has
> brought on a slew of these. Some  of todays cars had only sat for  a few
> hours.
> Anyway I was thinking today as the flat beds were bringing in cars like
> crazy why don't I hear listers with these problems?
> So, are you out there.  Do some of you have starting problems?

Well, the answer for me is that my '95 A6QW has been in the garage
for a couple of days. I've been driving my old '89 100Q in the
really cold weather, due to ice on the roads. I don't want to risk
getting my new wagon smacked by some jerk who can't stop!


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