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Re: Big $$ ABS problem

I may be too late on this one, but here goes...

Ted Harlan wrote:
> Car is a '90 CQ, #695-- pretty early build date. I need 
> serious help. I have the infamous pedal BOING when coming to 
> a stop with the ABS on. My inspection leads me to believe 
> that the problem is the right front ABS sensor. 
> The kicker here is that it seems that the wheel speed sensor 
> is different than the one that shows up in everyone's book. 
> The one in the book is $15 or $30. The one that I seem to 
> need is $200-$300.
> The number on the sensors: AUDI 893 927 803

Yes, that's what my fiche shows that you should have on an 
early '90 CQ (#6000 or earlier). Let me guess, they're trying 
to give you 893 927 803 _A_, right? I'm surprised (saddened, 
actually -- mine's an early car, too) that the price 
difference is so huge between the early and late sensors.

> Now, if the little sensor (the one everyone's fiche says I 
> need) and the big sensor work the same, I could have a big 
> sleeve machined and put this thing to rest. If they work 
> differently, I'm probably pretty screwed!

According to the fiche, the only difference between the 
early and late cars is the sensor and a few brackets. Even 
the wheel bearing housing is the same, but that doesn't make 
sense to me since you say the two sensors are different 
sizes. Anyway, the ABS computer didn't change so it may be 
possible to substitute the newer sensor.

I'm getting some strong deja-vu on this... did I discuss 
this before with someone? Just curious.

Eric Renneisen
'90 CQ 20V  -  my 'racing-iron'  ;^)
Chattanooga, TN