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91 200q Rally Car!

Here in Chicago we've had a little bit of snow and cold weather lately.....

Got a flat the other day, one of the more worn Dunlop D60A2's, found out it
was repairable. So I had two of them replaced and put them on the front. I
have two on the rear now that I bought last spring.

Was going downtown last night and noticed that no one was going to be in
front of me when I got on the on ramp, which is an uphill climb (Central
ave to I-290 East). A bunch of snow on the ground at the begining, and then
just very slipperly pavement after until the highway.

Turned in 2nd gear, and mashed the gas with my brand new front
tires......Well worn leather, hot metal and oil....... The tach at 5000 and
increasing with the wheels spinning until it settled out to about 6700 RPM
and then just controlled slippage. When it caught, it was at about 5800 RPM
in 2nd and blasting to redline (that cold air does a lot for the power of
the car!), a quick shift to third and I need to coast on to the highway
because I'm going so much faster than everyone else..........   

Oh, the fun of new tires, a little slippery weather, a quattro and
imagination! I thought I was on ESPN2 in a Subaru rally car for a minute!
Those guys have BALLS!


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