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Re: More electrical gremlins?

Hello, Q-listers,
I am new to the list and have been reading it for about a month - find it
very instructive.  My car - 1988 90Q - has been more or less O.K. (with the
usual 3-4 things to fix at any given time) untill yesterday.  So I have a
problem and a question: On Sunday I drove 1,000 km (between Alberta and
British Columbia, Canada) without any problems.  Yesterday it started
raining and it still does making huge puddles everywhere.

Last night I was driving fine through the water on the highway and suddenly
the engine started losing power.  It would start fine every time (cold or
warm) and no warning lights come on.  After driving 2-3 miles, the engine
stumbles between 2 and 3,000 RPM in any gear.  When it's warm, the idle
goes down to about 600 RPM.  Above 3,000 RPM it has power, so I have to
drive it like a racing car and on ice it is not always nice.  Around here,
inland B.C., Canada, there are no VW or AUDI dealers closer than 100 miles
and I have only Chilton manual.  I would appreciate any suggestions how to
deal with the "wet" gremlins.

BTW, what does BTDT stand for?  I thank everybody in advance.