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Synth oil - update

In the last several months the "what's the best oil..."  threads
were beaten to death.  These last comments come from holiday weekend
conversations (again) with a knowledgeable source of info about MOBIL 1,
hereafter known as (M1-not the highway).  I asked many questions - some
cogent, most, as I found out, were not.  

Interesting tidbits from the conversation:
- The ONLY additive in M1 is the detergent package.  
- To create multiviscosity oils, ONLY base stocks are blended. There are 
  NO viscosity index additives like dino juice and some other synths.
- Roll your own - there's nothing wrong with mixing M1 oils to achieve a 
  blend for your car/driving temps. Guys that make it do it all the
- FWIW, _the source_ is passing on Phil's and other listers lament that 
  some weights are available in their country.
- Circulating M1 HQ - a picture of THE tiger with Pegasus' wings pro-
  truding from its mouth - so much for the takeover.
MJ Murphy