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RE:90 AMP to 115 AMP Alternator Upgrade

On Tue, 05 Jan 1999 10:40:47 -0700, Russ Southerlin wrote:

>There was a interesting post on putting a Motorcraft regulator on a
>Bosch alternator. Here is the web site:
>I have not tried this - was wondering if anyone else has done it on an

I did this conversion using a kit from a ovloV tuner called Group 7 or
some such. It was fairly expensive, their service was totally sh*tty and tech
support did not exist, period. However, it looks nearly factory, and works
well. The regulator is replaced by a connector/brush assembly, the wiring
harness is very tidy and the Motorcraft unit likes about 14.4 V. The
electrical connections described in the above web site article agree with
the wiring diagram for the kit and the low cost of materials given for the
home brew solution is certainly very appealing.

Another possible source that I have not investigated is a Bosch/Hella
distributor called PUMA (800-333-7862). They have a crude web
site at http://www.puma-access.com/index.html. My belief is that they
may sell external regulator materials to support light-up-the-night driving
lamp applications. (Let's see. 14 V times 40 A is _how_ many watts?)

A word or two of caution: a new regulator may demand a higher
output voltage from the alternator but it cannot get blood from a
turnip. The alternator can do what it can do and no more regardless
of whether the regulator is happy. In fact, by asking for a higher
voltage from a marginal alternator, you may make things worse.
A higher system voltage will result in a higher current demand by
many of the major power consumers, further straining the poor
thing. (This is my personal explanation for Audi's oddly low system
voltage spec of 13.5V or so.)

DeWitt Harrison
Boulder, CO
88 5kcstq