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Re: carburetor-low audi content!

While I'm not Familiar with that particular carbureter, I can vouch for
the Weber DFEV which is a popular replacement here in the US. I have seen
secondaries stuck just from dirt and wear.

Good Luck

On Mon, 4 Jan 1999 11:30:40 -0000 mamn97@dial.pipex.com writes:
>l've been tring to fix the carb on my parents  1800 vw . The 
>problemm is that the second valve failes to open when u put ur foot 
>down - due to the lack of any vacuum in the vacum tube operating 
>the 2nd valve. I originally thought that the vaccum pipes were wired 
>incorrectly , but as far as I can see it's how the diagram has it. The 
>diagram says to conect it (the pipe operating the device operating 
>the 2nd valve) to the the small chanel running from the barrel of the 
>2nd valve. But surely presure isn't being generayed from this 
>channel since the valve isn't open? Besides, this channel seems 
>tiny to generate nearly enough pressure. I've also tried using a bike 
>pump to free this chanel assuming that it's clogged up but still 
>absolutely no pressure.
>Any ideas if my wiring layout is incorre\ct? The cars done 140k and 
>is running extremely well / smmooth. Do u know if it's a common 
>problem and a new weber is needed? the car iss a '89 gl model.
>ps . thanks to the replys for my post on  control arm bush 
>replacement on my audi - greatly appreciated, btw, what does btdt 
>pps. the reason i write to the list for advice is that it's the 
>engine/carb used on many european audis. 
>David Shiers 
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