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Subject: Re: 90q20V tranmission compatibility

harrison wrote:

<Wait, back it up. Here's the skinny: the 01A trans came bearing four
different dif

<codes in the USA. AKU and AXL came in both 10v and 20v 80/90q's. ASZ and AXM
<(rare) came in CQ's. The coupe and sedan vary in gear ratios and clutches. I
have <seen a 88 90q trans go into a 91 90q. The codes were different...that
was five <years ago.

<So as long as you do not try to use a CQ trans, it should be fine.


Bob wrote:

>I heard a rumor that its the same tranny as the 10V 90's... that isnt

> true?

> DOnt they have the same part number?


> When looking up the tranny part number on the fiche, it doesnt

> differentiate between engines, which IMPLIES that the trannies are the

> same.


> AKU or AXL trannies were used on ALL 90Q's


> Production dates UP TO 8/31/90 use tranny AKU

> Production dates AFTER 9/1/90 use AXL trannies,


> So it looks more like finding the right date of the tranny.


> Bob

The manual tranny for the 100 quattro ('89-91? in USA) was also the 01A
tranny.  (This is a modified 012 tranny).  The 200q used the 016 type tranny.
The S4 used the 01E tranny.  
HTH, chris miller, windham nh, c1j1miller@aol.com