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2.3 10V in a 4000Q?

I am not on the list so please send replys directly to me.  I formerly owned
an 84 4000Q and am seriously thinking about buying another one, I loved that
car, except for it's lack of power.  How hard is it to install a 2.3 10V from
a 90Q in the 4000?  I would prefer using the 4000 injection, is this wise?  I
am about half scared to rewire for the later injection.  Is the later
injection that much different?  Also, My other thought is a 5000 T engine?  If
anyone knows of a page or somewhere I can get info on either precedure it
would be greatly appreciated!!  I totally loved my car and didn't realize what
I had until it was gone!  Thnaks again!!!!