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Re: hmm

Gee, come on down.  There's loads to do in the area.  If Graydon could get
a gig <g>, we could have another local chapter meeting at the site.
There's probably 2 dozen people in the area on the list (by my count so far
from posts) so somebody should be able to come up with something.....

Traffic kinda sucks because of the storm and Metro airport is kinda whacky
but they should have it figured out by Sat. Henry Ford Museum is the
traditional must-see place to go, lots of cool old cars and really, really,
really big trains.  

Remember the college road trip slogan:  You can always figure out something
to do, you just have to get there......

At 06:33 PM 1/5/1999 ,  Dan Simoes was inspired to say:
> TWA is having a special fare - NY to Detroit for $99,
> leave Sat and return Monday.  On the off chance that
> I decide to go, what else is there to do besides the
> car show?  We have an office in Ann Arbor so I'm
> familiar with the area (and Graydon's house) but other
> than that, I don't what else is fun.

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