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FW: Audi Harnesses and Ligths Update (long)

Sorry for the BW, but since there was separate traffic on both lists I have
sent this to both the Quattro and the 200 20V lists.

I thought that I would forward this note onto the lists since there is a lot
of traffic on harnesses and lights. I received ths note from Todd yesterday
and, yes, yesterday if you called him you may have gotten a message that his
phone had been disconnected, but it does work today. I haven't spoken to him
since before Xmas, but it looks like he is still running behind on the
harnesses and trying to catch up. I went to the UPS tracking site and
checked on the tracking number and the current status says that it is in
transit in Toledo Hub OH US shipped via UPS Ground. The shipped to address
is correct so I am waiting. I will post to both lists when I receive them.
Here is the shipping info I found on the UPS tacking site:
http://www.web-visions.com/ups.htm. You can check it yourself using the
tracking number and follow the delivery.

Dec 31,1998 shipment data received
Jan 4, 1999 Departure scan Pontiac MI
Jan 5, 1999 Package delayed due to weather

As far as the lights go I have received one set from Denon just before Xmas,
I believe that it was the last set shipped before they received the new
shipment of the opposite sides. Ian has been telling me since the end of
Sept that I was next on his list. FYI, be patient, from the time Ian called
to confirm the address to ship to the time I received them it was well over
a week, UPS Ground.  Ron and Ian confirmed that the other set was shipped
just before Xmas with a whole bunch of other lights, hopefully they will
arrive this week if they aren't stuck with the harnesses in the Mid West. I
still have an employee who is stuck there due to the storm costing him a few
vacation days. The holiday and the holiday return traffic is probably
imapcting the latest shipment as well, I am still getting packages we
ordered well before Xmas.

Based upon another posting I spoke to Ian about the harnesses that Denon had
and ordered one pair, you need to order 2 as you need one per light, to
compare to Todd's. While on the phone with Ian he took one out of the
package to try to describe it. He said that there were a lot of wires
there.... It has a wiring diagram and does have a built in relay. Sounds
like it needs a separate power source like the jumper post and uses the
relay as a switch. Does it address the issue of the Audi headlight check
monitor, I don't know. From talking to Ian it sounds like I got the last
pair of harnesses and he was going to order more. As he has no more there
may be many other listers who will be able to comment on these harnesses
before I am able. I may if it doesn't present any obvious problems do one
car with one type and the other car with the other. This may not be totally
a fair comparison as the 5K has a lot more room under the hood than the 20V
does, but at least it will be a comaprison of the 2 types of harnesses and
any gross problems encountered with either installation. I will post the
results if I go this way. Either way any excess hardware I will post to the
list unless I can find that elusive $2500 '91 200 20V to replace the 5K :).

I hope that if anyone receives the lights or harnesses they will let the
rest of the lists know their comments. Thanks, Phil Rose for your recent
comments and all the other listers who have shared their web pages for
listing their experience on their experiences. I have probably spent more
time reading and preparing for this than it will take to execute.

Grant Eckfeldt
'87 5KCSTQ
'91 200QW

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From: Todd Candey [mailto:tcandey@wans.net]
Sent: Monday, January 04, 1999 9:45 AM
To: Eckfeldt
Subject: Re: Audi Harnesses

Hi Grant,
Your harnesses are shipping today, tracking number

The spare bulbs however will be going out wed/thur of this week. (we ran
out of stock on them)

Thanks again for your patience,

Todd Candey

Eckfeldt wrote:

> Todd,
> I spoke to you Tuesday and you thought that the harnesses had gone out. I
> haven't received them yet and Denon said that they have shipped one set of
> the 2 I ordered.
> Can you confirm for me when the harnesses were shipped, where they were
> shipped to and how.
> Thanks.
> How did you make out on the cost? Do I owe you any more on them?
> Grant
> eckfeldtg@snet.net