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Re: Deal on SP8000s

At 10:32 PM 1/5/99 -0500, Joshua Flax wrote:
>Been putting SP8000's on my 90 20v for several years now, and I love them.
>Unfortunately the better tires for dry weather were the Sport M2 (or
>something), with those shoes on the car was practically glued to on-ramps at
>65 mph.  quite amazing.  Drawback is that I went through a whole set in 12
>months.  The SP8000's are far better in the snow and inclement weather, so
>I've been 'sticking' with them thus far; I must say, though, I have never
>experienced the dead spot/flat spot problem.  I HAVE bent four speedline
>rims (one so bad it cracked), and I'm not quite sure what to do with those
>(separate issue).  Only thing about the SP8000s - and I drive a bit more
>tamely now in my old age - but I still seem to need a new set about every 18
>months, max.  Is that normal??

Hey you don't use SP Sport 8000's in  the winter, DUH...  I have a set of
Blizzaks on my ten spoke rims and it kicks total butt...  I will never use
a ultra high performance tire on the snow, you have to be in some other
state of maind to do something like that....  my sp sport 8000's are worn
in the front, so i may replace all again and get me some Pirelli P7000SS's....

Levent Cur
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1993 Audi 100CS Quattro w/5spd "4 RINGS"
1987 Audi 5000CS Turbo w/202,000 miles and 1.3 bar