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Looking for useful impact wrench on a budget...


I spoke to my usual backyard mechanic about fixing wheel
bearings, front suspension, MC motor and sub-assembly,
and all the stuff I've been moaning about for 1.5 years
now and have never had cash to fix them until now (I
have managed to scrape up enough and also clear my bank
credit card debts!!! woohoo!!). Anyway, dealing with
my friend and backyard mechanic while still managing not
to let him get my car or sell me 2 MC engines,
suspension and sub-assemblies for $2000, I think he is
PO'd at me and will probably charge me tonnes to do the
work. My level of confidence in him has dropped and I
reckon I might as well tackle the problems at hand myself.

So, starting point. I want to find out who sells a budget
priced impact wrench that has torque settings or where can
I get a set of torque-limited sockets for a impact wrench?
I've seen these, but can't find them, they seem to have
torque limits in the sockets. What I want to do is work
on the suspension and hubs and things like that and I
know it's a bitch to get some of those bolts off, especially
for a non-gym little bloke like me. :) I'm scared of
over-torquing bolts and nuts hence the desire to get
something that can setup torque levels on the wrench.
Tightest and largest bolt would probably be the hub
retaining nut.

Sorry for waste of bandwidth, talking rubbish I know nothing
about, and general unhappiness in the world.




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