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RE: Dunlop Graspics

I've got them on my '86 Volvo 740 Wagon and they work great.  They are
really cheap and have performed better than I expected.  On the highway they
have a good ride without being to  noisy, and they seem to coner at least as
well as a standard 4-season tire.  In the deep and slippery stuff they work
great.  I was able to drive out basically with very little human
intervention from 2+ feet of snow here in Chicago.  My car was much easier
to get out than either of my brother's Ford trucks (all 2-wheel-drive).

Since you can't find Pirelli P210 Winter-S tires anymore I would suggest

Bob Dupree
	'87 LT-1Q : Almost ready to drive...
	'77 Dodge Colt - ProRally
	'86 Volvo 740 Wagon - Parts Getter