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Re: Cup Holder

Talk about it.  I ordered a bunch of stuff from Linda.  Forgot one Banjo
Bolt- ordered one, needed two.  Called my local dealer.  He wants $18.  I
paid Linda $8 for the $12 list part.  I could go on.  One anomaly is the
$1.12 list sealing washer that I got from Linda for 72 cents were only 96
cents from the local <expletive deleted>.

At 05:20 PM 1/5/1999 ,  Audifan1@aol.com was inspired to say:
> qlist-
> Thanks to all for their help and or advice (especially caliban)!
> Called Linda at Carlsen today and it will run me $30.60 including
> shipping!  I have been getting robbed at my local dealer for a
> long time...

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