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Poor Man's S4?

Tell me if I'm crazy, but I had an idea.  It would depend on how good the
supercharging kit is that was reviewed on the A4.org website.  If I remember
correctly, the kit pumped out up to 280hp and required minimal
modifications.  So.....why not just buy a slightly used A4 2.8 Quattro 5sp
(They seem to be for sale everywhere).  Upgrade the wheels and tires and
mount the supercharger. Now, on the assumption that this motor would still
be reliable ( I have no clue about the company, I just read the review a
while back),  you have a sleeper S4 for much less than Audi is going to
charge and probably easier to service.  Am I just crazy or has anyone else
thought of this?  Any big reason it wouldn't work?  I know it wouldn't have
the same ultimate HP potential as the S4, and I do prefer turbocharging to
supercharging, but it would make one killer daily driver.

Am I the only one that wants more HP for less $$$?

Samuel W. Clough
Invesco Retirement Plan Services