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Re: Radiator Fan Afterrun

DeWitt -

I believe the drive is magnetic, but the motor won't cause the drive to
slip--at least it didn't on mine. The pump had siezed and the motor had
stalled too; applying power to it wouldn't get it to run. But, maybe
that's not the way they all do.

Anyway, good point about the relation of long after-run and a dead pump.
That should be a good warning symptom.

- Wallace
  '87 5kcstq 151k

> This brings up a related issue. Some folks experienceing long after-run
> cooling times may have a faulty pump without realizing it. One common
> failure mode for the auxiliary cooling pump is that the impeller siezes
> and the motor continues to run (the coupling is magnetic, I believe, not
> direct). You can check whether water is actually being circulated by
> pinching off the hoses with your fingers and feeling whether water is
> moving while the pump is running.
> DeWitt Harrison
> Boulder, CO
> 88 5kcstq