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Re: Cup Holder

Huw Powell wrote:

> >
> > >Surreal.
> >
> > > Phil Payne
> >
> > Could this be a coffee versus tea thing?
> >
> > Dee
> I think it's more of a "hands on the wheel" versus "hands on the big
> mac, coffee cup, & make up" thing...

yes.  driving in U.K./Euro vs. U.S:  it's a narrow streets, fast
drivers, pay attention thing VS a doublewide highway cheezeburger cell
phone half-decaf-double-latte-with-2% read-the-wall-street-journal

you really don't want that Rover saloon barreling towards you on the
1.5-car-width, 8-foot-hedges country lane sipping earl grey as you spank