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RE: More unobtainium

On Wed, 6 Jan 1999, Buchholz, Steven wrote:

> > I think the same legislation is in place in Japan, where there's something
> > like an extremely high price to pay if you want to keep a car older than
> > _three_ years on the road. The result is heaps of basically fine cars that
> > are scrapped. That's why in RHD countries there's a steady stream of used
> > cars coming in from Japan.
> > 
> ... and a supply of inexpensive replacement engines for Japanese cars here
> in the USA ...

I had heard that, but after the trouble a friend recently went through
trying to get a new SR20DE turbo for his Sentra, I don't think they are
junking nearly as many cars as people think.  He ended up getting the NA
version, but Japanese spec for the extra 10 HP.  It only took him three
months to give up looking for a turbo and another couple weeks to find a
suitable NA engine.

miss the old SE-R, until I drive the A4