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re: A mysterious tire leak.

<<Maybe it leeks only when it is bearing weight. If you could get the whole
car in the tub without your wife knowing ...>>

Reminds me of my favorite sexist joke:

Woman walks in and tells her husband: "The car won't start, there's water 
in the carburetor."

Husband says:  "That's ridiculous!  You don't even know what a
carburetor is!  Where's the car?"

Wife:  "In the swimming pool"

.... back to the subject....

I've seen rims become porous enough to cause a slow leak
to a certain pressure.  Slow enough you'd not see it in the tub.

Bill Elliott
Lake Mills, WI

ps.  On the other thread: Anyone who thinks an SP8000 does "okay"
in the snow has not driven his Q with even a good season tire, much
less a real snow tire!  My car: Eagle GW's; wife's: HAK NRW.
SP8000's for the 2-week-long WI summer!