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Idle Fluctuation

Hi All-

I am new to the list and have a question.  I own a 1988 80 quattro.
The problem I just recently started having is that the idle surges up
and down after the car is at normal operating temperature.  It doesn't
do it when the car is cold.

I took it to the Audi dealer and was told the trouble codes say it needs
a new mass air flow sensor.  They would have to order the part which
goes for $700. + and shipping, plus about an hour and a half for labor.

Does this sound reasonable?

I was also quoted $120 to replace the one dash light bulb burned out
behind my clock.(grumble-all labor)

I anyone has any ideas on how I might save some money on this, or other
causes of this symptom and their fixes, I would greatly appreciate it.