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Legislation on older cars in Japan

>Tom said

     I think the same legislation is in place in Japan, where
     there's something
     like an extremely high price to pay if you want to keep a car
     older than
     _three_ years on the road. The result is heaps of basically
     fine cars that
     are scrapped. That's why in RHD countries there's a steady
     stream of used
     cars coming in from Japan.


In regards to this, though Audi unrelated, I lived in Japan for a couple
of years and learned the extent of this law.  Three years after purchase
your car must go in for the biannual safety inspection or "shakken".
This averages about $1500.00 even if there is nothing wrong with your
car. Before you have a stroke on this realize it was *every year* until
1997. Ever wonder why Honda has a three year model cycle?? How about a
nice 3 year old Nissan Primera (Infinity G20) for $3500 with only 10000

BTW, European Makes are held onto much longer ;^)

Matthew Twigg