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motown show highlights

> Date: Thu, 07 Jan 1999 13:50:15 +1300
> From: Eaton Dave <dave.eaton@minedu.govt.nz>
> Subject: motown show highlights
> i see that piech has shown a beetle (fresh from being names usa car of the
> year) in a concept form...
> complete with a "twin turbo v6 and awd".
> no prizes for guessing where they got those from....
> and confirmation that the 4.2l v8 a6q will be a usa model.
> now the merc "vision slr" concept looks pretty good to me.  a "tribute to f1
> and the slr".  how does 550hp curdle your cream?
> dave
> '95 rs2
> '90 ur-q

		VW Vortex, http://www.vwvortex.com , is doing a fantastic job of
covering the Detroit show in their forum section. 
		Does anyone know if there's and auto show coming to Boston?