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re:RE: Eurolite Group Purchase


I got mine this summer, before the big price increase.  For my 200 I 
also needed bulbs, two relays, butterfly clips for the chrome trim, and 
the connectors & boots mentioned in Chris Miller's page.  I changed the 
lights in the parking lot with a phillips screwdriver, socket wrench, 
and some wiring tools, in about an hour.  You could use a box end 
wrench.  The same screws hold them in the same holes.  I didn't see any 
separate brackets.

I bypassed my headlight switch with two relays under the dash, and run 
stock wiring with my 80/100 and 100 watt bulbs.  Several listers pointed 
out the foolishness of this, they're probably right.  My particular car 
has four 14 gauge wires powering the headlights, I feel this is adequate 
though less than optimum (200watts/14volts=14.2amps).  Other quattros 
apparently have less robust wiring.  My local group of enthusiast has 5 
sets of eurolights installed, 3 more coming soon.  The ones with nearly 
stock wattage are a huge improvement over DOT lights, especially in 
Michigan weather.  You don't really need big bulbs, but if you get them, 
get, or build, a harness or you (and I?) might be sorry.

'90 200qw


That is interesting!  I know the original price quote was for $431 for 
set.  When I called up, it was $465 (still a bargain), but if we now 
have to
buy seperate wiring, relays, brackets, and bulbs......it's becoming less 
a deal!

I never heard anything about these "brackets" before.  Anyone else who 
thier euro-lights already care to comment?  Did you have to buy these 
brackets or can we use the ones for the existing headlamps?  

Also, I'm getting a bit impatient.  Ian has explained the situation and 
know it's not thier fault, but I was supposed to have these lights in
November.  Here it is, middle of January and still no lights.  I wanted 
before I returned to school as I have no place to work on the car and 
many tools there.  


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> From: 	Ken Keith[SMTP:ken.keith@specialdevices.com]
> Sent: 	Tuesday, January 05, 1999 5:05 PM
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> Subject: 	Eurolite Group Purchase
> So, I get a voice message from Ian today.  He says it turns out the
> brackets 
> are separate for the lights.  He says the brackets cost approx. $65
> apiece, his 
> cost, which he would give me.
> That sucks.  Much less of a great deal.  I don't know if I'll pursue 
> He did mention that he talked to me long ago about the purchase tho',
> which he 
> didn't.  I only spoke to Ron, so there may be some kind of a mistake 
> as 
> him thinking I am someone else ordering some other lights, that don't 
> with the brackets.
> Is ignorance or misinformation an excuse for the old bait and switch?  
> perhaps since the price wasn't quoted directly (rather, I saw it on 
> website) reason enough?
> Later,
> Ken 
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