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Re: 83 UrQuattro New Owner

In message <e2517ebd.36943e94@aol.com> GNaas@aol.com writes:

>      Am I insane? Just bought the car, on lust rather than sense.


> the damn thing has the dreaded 4000 RPM malady and suspension banging creaks
> and crashes. A lot of power.

Try http://www.teleport.com/~scottmo/urq.html

Suspension banging or exhaust box banging?  Tolerances are pretty tight
where the rear exhaust pipe passes through the rear subframe.  Check
all the hangers are in place, wedge the handle of a hammer between
the exhaust pipe and the top of the driveshaft, then loosen and retighten
the clamp between the centre and rear sections.

 Phil Payne
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