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RE: blown head gasket

> BTW, the oil didn't look like it had any water in it
> although I do have a small amount of white goo under the
> valve cover cap lately.

Huh? White goo? Is this seen when you lift the oil filler
cap from the valve cover, there is a splash plate over the
cam (well, I think that is it since my backyard mech was
fixing another 200 and he lifted off the cap to reveal the
cam whereas on mine there seems to be a cover over the cam
and under the valve cover), on my 200 the thing is a kind
of cloudy white colour, looks real filthy. I have to top up
the coolant every month or so, but there are no visible
leaks except maybe at the multi-function temp sensor housing
on the head (little rusty spot just below it), and of course
I've had that low oil pressure reading on the gauge (no
low oil warning lights or anything, but the gauge drops to
almost 1 bar at hot idle after a hard run or just a strong
steady long cruise). Oh yes, and the MC motor is powerless
at times. Maybe I should just do an oil change and have a
good look at the oil, but what should I be a-looking for?
Bubbles in the oil? I worry too much with this damn car.

I hope the cloudy coating on the splash plate over the cam
is supposed to be like that. *ugh*



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