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Subject: re: A mysterious tire leak.

>Subject: re: A mysterious tire leak.
><<Maybe it leeks only when it is bearing weight. If you could get the whole
>car in the tub without your wife knowing ...>>
>I've seen rims become porous enough to cause a slow leak
>to a certain pressure.  Slow enough you'd not see it in the tub.
>Bill Elliott
>Lake Mills, WI

Many, many moons ago (fresh out of HS, as I recall, about the time the
dinosaurs became extinct) I worked for a guy who imported sports and racing
cars from England.

We had a constant problem with porus wheels - minilite, etc., and the
wheels on the formula race cars. Some of them wouldn't hold air for more
than a day - the castings were just not that good.

Our solution was a can of royal blue two-part epoxy boat paint - the entire
inside of each rim got a careful coat, and we let it dry. You couldn't see
it from the outside (with the tire mounted), so it didn't clash with Colin
Chapman's British Racing Green and gold Lotus 23.

Other colors (colours? - no, these are Audis von Deutschland, "Farben", I
believe) will most likely work just as well, but YMMV. ;-)

Best Regards,

Mike Arman