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Mis-shipping Parts, WHY???

I'm not one to bash, but how is it a company, in upstate New York, that has
a reputation of constantly mis-shipping parts ALWAYS gets it wrong the first
time(every time I order), when ALL they sell is used and OEM AUDI
parts?!?!?!?  Shokan just cant get it right, I don't care, I'll use their
name, you would think they could get it right, they only sell parts for one
car manufacturer.  Then they wont ship the new part until the wrong one gets
back to them, I don't get it, I need the damn part yesterday when it was
due.  Anyway, I apologize to the list, I needed to just let people know what
to expect and I needed to vent.  I work in a Customer Retention department,
and service is EVERYTHING.  We Audi owners pay exorbitant prices for our
cars, the parts for them and the service when we cant fix them ourselves,
yet it seems there's no respect.  Now the expectation is lower and I feel
better, sad.

1994 S4