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Re: 88 80 q Suspension Noise

In message <8324e0fe.3694d0ba@aol.com> River6822@aol.com writes:

> I took it to a chain tire store to have the tires rotated and had them check
> the basics, but they didn't find anything. ( For all of your do it
> yourselfers, it's worth the $6 they charge for the rotation in 10 degree
> weather !)

Only if they use a torque wrench to retighten the lug nuts.  If they
use an air wrench, they can _easily_ do 20x that charge in damage.

There are quite a few sources for reverberations.  Exhaust heat shields,
brake disk backing plates, that kind of thing.  Only real way to find
them is with a really experienced mechanic and a lift.

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