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Re: Uproar over SUV's

   Always find it funny to hear people who think either (1) An Suv can
   make it through anything, anytime, or (2) An Suv owner should be
   bashed for getting stuck, badly.  Both groups, imho, are pears from
   the same idiot tree.

   I own several Audi Q's, and a Toyota Landcruiser.  Trust me, there

... Nissan Pathfinder (former lifeline) ...

   is more than 1 reason the Q's have been parked throughout this
   mess.  Out here in God's country, nothing, and I mean *nothing*
   that can be honestly considered a passenger vehicle for everyday
   use gets by without getting buried.  If you have 4wd, a winching
   device, pulleys, blocks, chains, tow ropes, jacks, shovels and a
   good dose of humor and endurance, you will get through...all it
   takes is time.  One thing you learn is never laugh, your turn is
   coming up:) Next please!