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Re: 88 80 q Suspension Noise

quk@isham-research.demon.co.uk (Phil Payne) wrote:
> In message <8324e0fe.3694d0ba@aol.com> River6822@aol.com writes:
> > I took it to a chain tire store to have the tires rotated and had them check
> > the basics, but they didn't find anything. ( For all of your do it
> > yourselfers, it's worth the $6 they charge for the rotation in 10 degree
> > weather !)
> Only if they use a torque wrench to retighten the lug nuts.  If they
> use an air wrench, they can _easily_ do 20x that charge in damage.

America's Tire Store/Discount Tire use a torque wrench, and they rotate for 
free.  I believe this includes when you bought the tires elsewhere (although it 
is courteous to buy the tires from them when you need them).

I've heard that some places, it might have been the place I mention, have some 
kind of a new color coded extension that is resilient, like rubber or a spring. 
These extensions supposedly flex when the desired torque is reached.I haven't 
seen them.