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ultimate audi?

the release of the 300hp 4.2v8 a6q has got me thinking....

before the sport quattro in 1984, audi had no 300hp machines.  the
ur-quattro was the ultimate audi with 200 laggy hp.  post 1985 and until the
rs2 arrived with 315hp in 1995, audi had no other 300hp machines, the most
powerful was the 1989 ur-quattro 20v with 220hp (rip), and the follow-on s2
with 220-230hp.  that's 10years folks.  as we say, that's a long time
between drinks....

since the 1995 rs2 (i.e. the last 4 years), audi has produced the s8
(340hp), and both the a8 4.2 and the a6 4.2 with 320hp.  it also has the s4
with 265hp, the ttq with 225hp and the 3.7 v8 models (a8 and a6) with 280hp.

and this year, the s6 with 400hp (rumoured) provided by a 4.2v8tt.  followed
by the s8 with the same unit.

does anyone else see a strange synchronicity in the advent of these powerful
cars with the rise of herr ur-quattro, herr sport quattro, herr piech to the
purse strings of vw?

car magazine also "confirms" audi's plans for the 2001 a4-based coupe to
include an "rs" model with a ttv8, along with an "rs" avant variant.
presumably this is the 400hp unit from the s6.  also that audi will attempt
to re-create a successor to the ur-quattro 20v (still my ultimate audi).

can't help thinking though that the a6q 4.2v8 just might currently be the
most desirable of audi's current lineup, particularly for the north american
folks.  looks great, would go like stink, stick like sh*t to a blanket, and
is as stealthy as monica without a beret.

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q