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Re: Hard nuts to get to

"Brinkmann, Gerardo V" <brinkg@uf4124p01.BheightsNJ.ncr.com> wrote:
> I had a heck of a time trying to unbolt the front and rear a-arms on both my
> 4KQs. The nuts on the a-arm pivot bolt are almost impossible to get to. There
> is a small slot cut into the a-arm, so that you can just get a open-ended
> wrench and grip the nuts while using another wrench on the pivot bolt to
> loosen or tighten it.
> The slot in the a-arm is too small to fit either a 1/2" or 3/8' socket, and
> even if you can wiggle the socket in there, there is no way to get the socket
> wrench attached to the socket.

What you need is a deep offset box wrench.  I bought a set from Harbor Freight 
Tools for cheap, like ten bucks, which included the 17mm I needed.

It works perfectly, like it's made for it.  Much better than my old method of 
holding a regular wrench in there at an angle.  Very ineffective, but I made it 
work for a while.

You could spend more and get a better quality tool.  I haven't needed a new one