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Re: HELP! Door locks broken...locked out!


    It sounds like the drivers door lock cylinder has a broken actuating
arm, a common failure on these cars. Audi supplies a more robust unit as a

    You don't say what the problem is with the passenger side lock. If it is
not turning, there are two likely causes:
    It is frozen. Try lock de-icer, methanol, or the old heated key trick.
    It is seized up because it hasn't been used in 9 years (BTDT). Squirt in
some WD40, your favourite penetrating oil, or Super Lube. Let it soak for a
while and try again.

Good luck!


Fred Munro
'91 200q  266k km
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From: Hussey, Dan <husseyd@rayovac.com>
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Date: Thursday, January 07, 1999 11:44 AM
Subject: HELP! Door locks broken...locked out!

>Audi gods have struck again!
>I just picked up the car from the shop this morning (after new fuel pump)
>and already a new problem has arose.  The door locks are broken and I'm
>locked out!
>I can turn the key around in the locking cylinder and nothing happens, it
>just turns all the way around freely.  I tried using the other door, but it
>won't unlock it for some reason.  And, I can't use the trunk or it will
>set off the alarm.
>Any advice?  How can I get in my car.  If I can get it unlocked, I can take
>the door handle apart and try to fix it tonight, but I can't do that if I
>can't get in the car.  PLEASE HELP!
>'90 200TQ...