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Re: Overfilling with Pentosin


    The pentosin should be at the "max" line with the fluid hot and the bomb
fully charged. This leaves room in the reservoir to accept the fluid which
comes out of the bomb if you discharge it completely. Take your car for a
drive to warm up the fluid and remove enough pentosin to get it down to the
"max" mark, otherwise you may be dribbling pentosin off and on for some


Fred Munro
'91 200q  266k km
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From: Richard Haroutunian <Richard_Haroutunian@inso.com>
To: quattro@coimbra.ans.net <quattro@coimbra.ans.net>
Date: Tuesday, January 05, 1999 2:39 PM
Subject: Overfilling with Pentosin

>Anyone ever do something really stupid like overfill the pwr strg/brakes
>reservoir with Pentosin?
>I did it last week by mistake.. It looked like it was a centimeter
>underfilled -- so I filled it to the brim and noticed later that it was a
>centimeter or two above the 'MAX' line...
>Now Pentosin is showing up on the ground everywhere..
>Questions:     1.  Will it stop when it realizes it has spit out enough?
>Or,       2.  Do I have to do something physical --like drain  the
>centimeter of Pentosin I added?
>I HATE Pentosin leaks -- they make me paranoid no matter what causes them..
>Rack, pump, etc., etc. REPLACED 2 months ago and it's been a bone-dry
>ground underneath ever since..
>I'd like to keep it that way--
>TIA for your much-anticipated piece-of-mind..
>87 5KCSTQ
>85 4KSQ
>82 VW Cabriolet