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Re: 3Spoke Sport Steering Wheel....90Q?

I know this could start a debate, but I read something that discussed the
removal of airbags.  The jest was that they can be dangerous, causing
injury and death in some occasions.  I believe there is actually the right
of an individual to remove this device if so desired, but
dealers/mechanics,etc don't/won't due to potential liability issues.  In
the case of removal, one could replace with a non-airbag wheel if so
desired.  I have mixed opinion on this, but here is what I generally
believe - most accidents will occur at speeds at which the driver properly
belted would be fine and on occasions that one drives at speeds and
situations(i.e. racing) that warrant it, a helmet should be worn.  I
personally had an experience, that I had mentioned before, of an individual
pulling out in front of me which totaled my previous CQ.  I don't think the
impact would have been a problem with myself belted properly, which I was,
but the force from the airbag blew my arm outwards with enough force to
shatter the drivers side window with my soon after very sore and cut up
elbow.  I also suffered bad chemical burns from the hot gases released at
the 10-2 position I was grasping the wheel.  All and all I received much
more injury from the airbag itself.  I guess another good point my wife
just reminded me of is the fact that when the aforementioned forces blow
the airbag, YOU WILL LOSE CONTROL of the vehicle since your hands will
likely no longer be holding anything.  Now for those folks that won't use a
restraint, I guess big brother will have to save 'em.

Anyone interested in the article and info related to this?  I will put some
thought to it to try and remember the sources.

Scott Wood
1990 CQ
Charlotte, NC

>Harrison Sapir wrote:
> It will fit, but it means buying a new airbag to fit in it (different
> shape). Got $1200 to waste?
> Scott Sierakowski wrote:
> > Does anyone know if the new style sport steering wheel (like A4 Sport
> > Wheel) will fit on a 95 90Q?  If so any idea about the price of this
> > item?