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RE: Got my Euro Lights and Harness - Have a couple questions

I also received my harnesses from Todd and the other set of lights from
Denon. Looks like it took about 2 weeks from when I talked to Ron at Denon
for the lights to arrive on the East Coast, VT. The harnesses once shipped
took only a couple of days even with the snow storm to arrive in CT.

I like Mark am hoping that everything will become self evident as I
disassemble the existing lights as wiring diagrams were not included. Not as
plug and play as I had thought it would be. What you get is a separate
harness for each side with a plug for the lights, the relays and a separate
short harness. Where the short harness goes I have yet to deterime....

If anyone else has installed the Vortrag harnesses please post your results.
Looks like I need to more closely review Chris Miiler's et al web pages on
Euro lights. I guess I need to bush off my engineering degree and put it to
use.... boy, it has been a while... I had thought that I had done my
homework, but tonight makes me feel like I won't pass that exam.

Anyway it looks like lights and harneses are starting to arrive.

Grant Eckfeldt
'87 5KCSTQ
'91 200QW

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Subject: Got my Euro Lights and Harness - Have a couple questions

Hi All:

Got everything to see clearly but I can be ignorant so...

Somebody mentioned the "city light" on the euro.  Is that the socket
by the H4 bulb?  What kind of bulb goes there?  Wattage?

My report on the harness is that it looks good to me but I am electonically
handicapped so I sent Todd a couple questions on how to connect it.
If anybody out there is a BTDT I'd love to hear about it.


Mark Pollan, '86 5KCSTQ 274K Miles