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Re: stainless steel exhaust pipe material

Your may not have been abused.  We have a 91 T200Q with two cats and both of
them rattled to pieces with in 6 months of each other.  This was around 90K.
 The reason for this is becuase we live on a rough dirt road.  Of the three
Audi's we have this one is driven the kindest.  No abuse what so ever.  I
think that some of the cat on the cars are just not good quality.  Anyway
not much to help you with, but rather some thoughts.

>From: "P-O Selander (EUS)" <EUSPOS@am1.ericsson.se>
>To: "'quattro@coimbra.ans.net'" <quattro@coimbra.ans.net>
>Subject: Re: stainless steel exhaust pipe material
>Date: Thu, Jan 7, 1999, 11:36 PM

>> Huw Powell wrote on Thu, 07 Jan:
>> But, according to Chris @ autobahn, pre-85 cars in NH don't have to have
>> a converter to pass inspection any more.  Have to get some hard copy on
>> that to show my inspection garage then I can just bypass the whole mess.
>Huw and all,
>The previous owner of my 1989 100E must had abused the car or something.
>When I bought it in 1996 it had a rattling sound (pebbles in a can) and I
>didn't think more of it at that time. Wanted to get rid of it, removed the
>exhaust to find the entire content of the cathalytic converter in my rear
>muffler. On advice from honorable Al Powell, I went in for State Inspection
>(Dallas, TX) and the car passe without any problems (once it was warm):
>These test results are from March of 1998 (standard for Dallas County in
>paranthesis). I know my cat as well as O2 sensors are "gone".
>High Speed Test
>RPM 2612 
>HC  72 ppm  (<220)
>CO  0.6 %  (<1.2)
>CO2 14.6 %
>O2  0.7 %
>Dilution 15.2 %  (>6.0)
>Low Speed Test:
>RPM 827
>HC  166 ppm (<220)
>CO  0.8 %  (<1.2)
>CO2 14.1 %
>O2  1.2 %
>Dilution 14.9 %  (>6.0)
>But, since I am a responsible citizen that also like to breathe fresh air, I
>plan to have this corrected as soon as get around to a heated garage (now in
>Seattle where it not as fun or easy working on cars outside as it was in
>P-O Selander
>89 100E (gross polluter)
>91 300ZXTT (Zero emissions car since it is not driven)