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Re: urq fuel tank removal, parts renewal

>it's the rfg-ii bug!  leaking fuel all over.  well, 
so we think.  anyway, i'm looking for a step-by step
for removing the fuel tank, as well as a list of
parts to get (sediment trap, what kind of lines and
clamps, etc) at kragen on saturday before mike and
i do this job.  also, are there any parts that i'll
need that aren't aquirable from kragen?  don't wanna 
pull the tank (siphoning 10 gallons of chev 92 octane
to mike's urq) and have the car immobile only to realize 
i'm missing parts ;)

Pulling the UrQ tank is one of the more straight forward procedures you 
can do, simply disco the fill line clamps, disco the outflow hose, and I 
believe 4 bolts hold it in,(accessible from the trunk).  There is no 
need to siphon the gas, simply get under the car and you will see a 
short section of flexi hose held in by hose clamps.  Simply loosen and 
you can drain the tank very well from there.  AFAIK there is no sediment 
trap, under the car you will see the prepump filter that should be 
changed as well as the down stream hard filter.  You didn't say where 
your tank was leaking from, my 18 year old tank was fine but the flexi 
line underneath was leaking nicely!

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